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Resume of Founder

Core competencies

Technology transition agent

Advanced technology applications

Concepts of development and operations for emerging technologies

Strong business and leadership experience

Team building for advanced technology projects

Competitive technology intelligence expertise

Opening up new markets for emerging technology

Current experience

August 2001-Present

President Dolphin and Eagle Consulting, Inc., Technology transition, advanced concepts of application and competitive intelligence consulting from Charleston, SC. This business was established to enable me to quickly relieve the Chief Scientist at the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center who had resigned unexpectedly. Currently a number of projects are being pursued and I have been a full time consultant since leaving federal service as a GS-15 Level III Science and Technology manager at SPAWAR Atlantic.

  • Business development for Superior NanoBioSystems, LLC on development of deep learning algorithms for primary care medical facilities and other applications.

  • Business development for Applied NanoTechnology, LLC on antennas embedded in ballistic armor and printable antenna technology for an Office of Naval Research (ONR) contract.

  • Development of a microfluidic chipset for instantaneous blood typing. Transitioned to testing for Vibrio bacteria in oysters with NOAA. Linked to Navy Research Lab project on Horn of Africa for testing for malaria and other diseases.

  • Coordinating the technology roadmap and the teaming for the commercialization of an underwater GPS system for commercial scuba and military use.

  • Working with a local inventor to commercialize a high definition 360 degree camera with no moving parts. Assisted in teaming them with a manufacturer and a prototype design company.

  • Awarded a Science and Technology contract with the Navy Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Atlantic for the design, testing, and evaluation of a solar and alternative energy flyaway backpack unit to reduce the weight of troops during deployment, to improve field sustainability, and to reduce the cost of replaceable batteries to operate electronics in the field.

  • Executed a business development contract with Samraksh, Inc. for the development of an ad hoc networking system with miniature transmitter and receiver hardware based on a development from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

  • Executed business development contracts with several small businesses for the development of Unmanned Aerovehicles including Sky Technologies of Hurst, Texas, Ann Arbor Aircraft of Ann Arbor, MI and Yavilevich Technologies of Israel.

  • Certified Dolphin & Eagle Consulting as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business with the Veterans Administration

  • Executed a business development contract and acted as a Senior Technical Strategy Advisor for StemRad, Inc. out of Palo Alto, CA for the development of an acute radiation protection device based on research from Stanford University and Israeli professors.

  • Executed a business development contract with Cycloptics, Inc. for the development of a high efficiency lighting system with patented light focusing technology.

  • Joined a number of organizations to improve business networking including: the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association, the Charleston Defense Contractor's Association, the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce and the U.S. Naval Institute.

  • Business development agent for Verco Materials, LLC in the formulation of light weight armor, automobile parts and bearing surfaces made from B4C and SiC.

  • Business development agent for American Solar and Alternative Energies, Inc. for Solar, heat recovery, wind and other alternative energy solutions.

  • Business development agent for Fast Track Amphibian, LLC, Texas in the development of a commercial-based amphibious vehicle for search and rescue in multi-terrain areas and for eventual military use for special operations.

  • Acting as a Business Development Associate for Hydro-Phi, Inc. Doraville, Ga. to commercialize a technology to increase diesel fuel efficiency by over 30%.

  • Developed a transition plan for commercializing an advanced cargo container locking systems with data logging and remote opening features through a small business in the upstate of South Carolina.

 June 2014-January 2018

Chairman Advisory Board, MerlinCryption LLC, of Austin, TX transitioning encryption technology from the laboratory to the marketplace.

  • Executed Operational Assessment Test with 24th Cyber Wing USAF in San Antonio, TX with successful results.

  • Executed first contract for installation and prototyping of MerlinCryption products in an operational environment with Booze Allen Hamilton.

  • Successfully executed a testing program with British Petroleum Data Security to test the Anti-Statistical Block Encryption. Main comment, “this algorithm is not susceptible to any known hacking tools.”

  • Successfully executed a testing program with the Cyber Innovation Center in Boisser City, LA to test Anti-Statistical Block Encryption.

  • This is a virtual company that operates out of Austin, TX. I was asked to step in as the interim CEO due to the severe illness of the previous CEO. I was already performing the business development for the company under a contract with Dolphin & Eagle Consulting, Inc. I’ve transitioned the CEO position to the former COO Brandon Brown.

  • Briefed the Innovation director of the 24th U.S. Air Force Cyber Command in San Antonio, TX on Anti-Statistical Block Encryption (ASBE) for use in software encrypted applications. A number of follow-up programs are being considered by the USAF, the Air Force Research Laboratory and the Homeland Security Department customers.

  • Proposed Crypto Modernization project to the Rapid Innovation Funding program for Space and Naval Warfare 04 code in San Diego.

  • Proposed Tactical Authentication project to the Rapid Innovation Funding program for Program Executive Officer C3T for the U.S. Army.

  • Proposed Crypto Modularity project to the U.S. Air Force for the Rapid Innovation Funding program.

 September 2013- June 2014

Chief Executive Officer, MerlinCryption, LLC of Austin, TX. MerlinCryption, a leading-edge, encryption technology developer, secures data and communications with breakthrough security solutions. Delivering a crucial portfolio of innovative encryption-authentication platforms and encrypted USB hardware, MerlinCryption disrupts the marketplace with forward-thinking technology and effective solutions, which protect data, voice transmissions, and streaming video over wired and wireless networks for critical security systems.


  • Developed a forward looking strategic plan for introduction of new technology in medical, financial, and military markets.

  • Executed a partnership agreement with Verbatim America to rapidly deploy prototype encrypted USB devices in significant numbers into the adoption string for numerous markets.

  • Coordinated with military and Federal sources to push certification of the encryption technology.

  • Introduced MerlinCryption technology to the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, GA.

  • Developed international sources for extension of the markets outside of the U.S.

July 2010-November 2011

Science and Technology Forecasting, Assessment and Transition, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Atlantic

Program committee for Federal Laboratory Consortium, Awards committee Southeastern Region Federal Laboratory Consortium. Evaluated technologies from industry and Department of Defense for insertion into existing systems and for development of new capabilities. Extensive writing and speaking on security and application of Cloud Computing Architectures.

  • Developed a process for determining the Return on Investment (ROI) of innovation programs.

  • Developed a technology scouting process for finding, evaluating and marrying technology to customer requirements.

  • Completed a high level study of the analysis of alternatives for Voice over IP, Secure Voice over IP, LTE, WiMAX, ODFMA and other technologies.

  • Acted as the transition agent for a DARPA project for STO office on advanced sensor architectures and software operating systems.

 October 2008-July 2010

Chief Technology Officer Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance, Information Operations, Information Assurance and Cyber Security Directorate, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Atlantic

Command representative to the Federal Laboratory Consortium and to the Southeastern Regional FLC.  Member of the Gartner Executive Council for Emerging Technologies. I’ve actively pursued the development of technologies from numerous small businesses and industry partners and worked to find funding sources for the development of emerging technologies.

September 2007- August 2008

Director of Office of Research and Technology Applications (ORTA) SPAWARSYSCEN Charleston

At the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center in Charleston, SC we have 2500 government civilians with about 78% of them engineers or computer scientists. By establishing the Office of Research and Technology Applications, I was able to form strong relationships with many industry partners and to set up technology transition pathways from industry to DoD applications and from our engineers to commercial applications. Many of these relationships involved Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADA) which set up the legal framework for the protection of intellectual property of both the government and the industry investigators. Through this position I was also able to reach out to the local business community and make numerous contacts on the ThinkTEC Advisory Council and the ThinkTEC Homeland Security Conference Task Force on the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce.

October 2003-August 2008

Chief Technologist of Intelligence and Information Warfare Department SPAWARSYSCEN Charleston

In 2003 I was selected to establish the position of Chief Technologist for the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Intelligence and Information Warfare department. As the only CTO in the Charleston facility I also represented Charleston at the headquarters in San Diego as the command representative for a number of reorganization efforts. The primary competencies that I brought to the CTO position were the ability to perform active technology searches and to deliver emerging technologies for insertion into existing and future systems.

May 2002-October 2003

Advanced Technology Development for Special Forces (USSOCOM)

For two years I acted as a technology search agent for the Cypress Facility of USSOCOM. This involved the active search for commercial or laboratory level technologies that could be adapted to Special Forces applications within 9-12 months of discovery. I also wrote many of the Statements of Work and the transition plans for these technology insertions.

November 2001-May 2002

Senior Engineer, Code 74SJ

Force and Infrastructure Protection Engineering Division SPAWARSYSCEN Charleston, SC

March 2000-July 2001

Principal e-services Manager Rockwell Collins.

Developing advanced web-based business systems to increase customer interactions and to provide new information delivery services including software and database downloads, online training, knowledge management and online sales.

January 1998-March 2000

Senior Systems Engineer Rockwell Collins

January 1996-December 1997

Rockwell Collins Global Technology Strategy manager for Competitive Technology Intelligence analysis.

July 1994-December 1995

Rockwell Strategic Technologies Team.

May 1992-October 1993

Assistant for Space for Chief of Naval Operations.

While I was on Adm. Tuttle’s staff (CNO N6) I was the flagship and joint exercise coordinator for the Navy. This also included being the chairman of the design committee for the redesign of the command and control suite for the Sixth Fleet flagship, USS Belleau Wood.

March 1991-March 1992

U.S. Naval War College, College of Naval Warfare, Graduated 1 of 32.

February 1988-January 1991

Captain USS Daniel Boone (SSBN629 Blue) -A front line Ballistic Missile Nuclear Submarine of the U.S. Atlantic Fleet. Launched four Trident I ICBMs in an operational weapon system test of strategic force capabilities. I was redirected to the USS Daniel Boone after the previous captain was relieved due to running the ship aground coming out of shipyard. I took a demoralized crew and transformed them from the last boat of the eight ship squadron to the number one boat in the squadron in three years.

Publications, Speeches and Awards

Presented display about Advanced Technology Insertion into submarine systems at the Submarine Technology Symposium at JHUAPL in May 2008.

Speaker at the ThinkTEC Innovation Summit on “Hot new technologies in SC” May 2008

Invited speaker for Military & Aerospace conference in San Diego March 2008

Presentation to Marcus Evans Sensor Fusion Conference, “Adoption of Technology Innovations” Nov 2005

Presented paper, “Transition of advanced technologies to military, homeland security and law enforcement users” to SPIE conference April 2004.

U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings cover article on an Information Warfare scenario, “Ducks in the Desert 2010” July 1996.

Presented and invited paper to the IEEE/EIA International Frequency Control Symposium and Exhibition June 6-9, 2000, "Building competitive advantage through knowledge management and e-commerce in the oscillator manufacturing industry."

President's Award as the Honor Graduate for the College of Naval Warfare of the United States Naval War College in March 1992. Selected as Advanced Research Associate and briefed thesis on "Application of Submarine Technology and Experience to the Space Program" to the National

Space Council in Washington, D.C. Changed Space Station Freedom atmosphere control limits and casualty procedures.

Delivered speech to the Marcus Evans Countering IEDs Conference in Washington DC October 2006 on topic of “Technology Applications in IED Challenges”. Evaluated as highest peer rated speaker at the conference.


* Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering U.S. Naval Academy

* Command qualifications for Navy Nuclear Power Program.

* Master of Arts in National Security and Strategic Studies U.S. Naval War College

* Master of Science in Management Salve Regina University

* California Institute of Technology course on Competitive Technology Intelligence

* Rockwell Executive Development training

* Rockwell Lean Manufacturing associate qualification

* Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) in Information Technology Management with NOVA Southeastern University. Dissertation "Factors affecting the adoption of e-commerce in the Aerospace Industry".

* MIT course titled “Leading and Managing Innovative Organizations”

* Harvard Senior Executive Fellows Program Kennedy School of Government

* Completed Acquisition 101, Acquisition 201A and 201B courses.



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