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In today's world, technologies sometimes need help getting from concept to market. ATTIC helps companies and individuals move from an idea to real money-making commercialization, often in six months to a year. Our connections help you target your product to a ready audience, saving you time and expenses now, and helping you profit from your ideas sooner.

The mission of the ATTIC is to provide consortium members with connectivity to local assets for the development of ideas into products to move technology from the idea phase to commercialization.

Being a member of ATTIC does not simply provide business benefits, but also a support community for taking your company's ideas to the next level.

Dolphin and Eagle Consulting, Inc. provides technology consulting for emerging and established businesses. With seven years of experience bringing together innovators and customers.  We understand that technologies needed to be connected to their markets quickly, and leads ATTIC to find assets to help you commercialize your product, and find customers for your products.

Dolphin & Eagle will help provide the Bridge to the next level of development in your products through teaming, finding emerging technologies and helping you build new concepts of technology insertion and use.

Current Active Members of the ATTIC

Cyber Solutions International, LLC

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Dr. Stephen M. Jarrett, DBA (

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